Hi there! I'm Simran.

I'm a product designer with a business background. Most recently, I led design for the Hotels Marketplace team at Hopper. I worked on a variety of teams and projects - from growth-focused initiatives to redesigning experiences throughout the hotel shopping funnel.

My path to product design has been quite untraditional. I always thought that working in business was my dream, but after interning on Wall Street and suiting up at 5am every morning, I realized that it was not for me. I craved to use the creative skills that made me excited back in school. After that summer, I found myself back in the classroom pursuing my Master's degree and completely pivoting my career to UX and the rest is history.

What I enjoy the most about design is being able to do hands-on work and understand the stories of how people use a product. Storytelling and expression has always been ingrained in who I am, growing up as a dancer training in Bollywood and Kathak. So, naturally, I was intrigued when I found a career path that allowed me to blend my business and product acumen with creative storytelling to craft something meaningful (and beautiful!).  

Please feel free to reach out with any opportunities - I'm currently looking for my next product design role!

Outside of work: 

💃🏻 I'm a proud small business owner! I run a wedding and event choreography company called @Desi2Step. I also love teaching and learning new styles of dance.

☕️ I'm a recent "Bahstan" transplant. I've been keeping busy exploring my new neighborhood coffeeshops and dining spots. Hit me up with any recommendations!

✈️ I love to travel and explore new places with friends and family. Most recently, I went to Costa Rica (Pura Vida!) and Japan!